Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Again about FALL!!!

I really hate to post without pictures again today but I'm gonna!  We really celebrated the first day of fall with just the right kind of food!  We had chili!  Yum! For dessert we had pumpkin pudding!  I know you have to be surprised about that one, don't ya?!!!  I made the pudding and let it set up.  I crushed up some gingersnap cookies and layered them with the pudding in individual bowls and topped them off with some Cool Whip!  They were great! I am going to bake cookies with my pudding today.  Just don't know what kind yet!!  There are quite a few to pick from!  Just guessing I will probably bake the ones with chocolate chips!!  How could I resist the chocolate?!!!

Speaking of fall....I am cleaning my bedroom and rearranging my clothes and getting some ready for donating and some are just so darn old they have to be thrown away!  Wow, I just can't believe how fast the year has went!

Wherever you are Whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfall day!

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