Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gayle's room and BOOK SALE!!

Guess what I have been doing this week? Summer cleaning! Yes, I said cleaning! I know this is not the funnest thing to be doing but it had to be done! Our spring guests decided to come in the summer! So my spring cleaning was very lightly done, which I don't recommend! It piles up, let me tell ya! Another thing I learned was never let a growing childs' clothes go for 2 years without going through and donating after each season! What a job, but Lilli was really better about it then me! She is truly a blessing! With all that said, I decided to move my sewing room back to the main part of the house. What a job that turned out to be! But, I hate having to drag Gayle over here and then have to go back and forth to get things we need, you know like food and water!!! So now Gayle and I are sharing her small, but adequate room! Only adequate because I can use my old sewing room for storage! It turned out to be a huge job! We had to take everything out of Gayle's room so we could make room for everything and then put her stuff back in! WoW! I love Gayle's room! I feel so much closer to Gayle in there! She is the reason I found my creativity or creativity found me!! It is filled with such inspiration! Angels abound!
This is my half of the room!
The angels are even in the border!
This is Gayle's half of the room! You can see all the angels! Stars and moons are everywhere! Since they are heavenly and Gayle truly is a great gift from God!
When I was cleaning, I decided there were a few books I could do without! Here are two!
This is a Better Homes and Garden Cross Stitch book from 1988! Lots of samplers! Like new! It has great pictures and projects with 188 pages! I am selling it for $10.00 includes postage!

This a great book by Phyllis George...KENTUCKY CRAFTS!
It is dated 1989! It is a book with great stories of Kentucky crafters! Wonderful pictures! It has 201 pages!It too, is like new! $10.00 includes postage!

For anyone who would like to buy these books, just leave me a comment!

I have one more room to finish, so I best get to it!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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