Monday, July 7, 2008

Trying to Catch Up Again!

As usual, I am behind on my posts! I can't believe the time can go so fast! I am so far behind!
We had another week of vacation! We didn't really go anywhere and stay away or anything like that! We just stayed around home and didn't do our normal things! Like we ate out a lot, we used paper plates a lot(I know, being very green, am I?), and we watched a lot of movies! We even went to the drive-in theater that is a couple of miles from our house! What a treat! We haven't been for 4 years. The theater actually has two screens now! We all wanted to see Get Smart, but it was the second show. The Incredible Hulk was first. Although, John had seen it once, he watched it again, Gayle laughed and said "OH MY GOD", while Lilli and I were smart and took our battery operated lights and UNO! So we played cards, had snacks and watched a little of WALL*E(it was on the other screen, we didn't know we could see it until it was half over!)which we had already seen, until Get Smart came on! Can I just say for $5.00 a car load, it was the funnest time and cheapest time we had all week! We didn't even get home until 2:00am! We were able to get our small pond cleaned out and our patio cleaned up! I still have a few things to make before our summer company comes for the round picnic table and a very old glider!!! I have about 10 days! I think I can get it all done! I hope I can, anyway!

Look what came in the mail today! I was so surprised! Amazon said it wouldn't even be available until July 17! Can I just say, this has got to be #1 on my most favorite Christmas Book List! Let me tell ya, I have a bunch! Anyway, if you are looking for Christmas inspiration, I would say you could find it in this book! I LOVE it!!!

As I logged in I noticed this is my 99th post! Dang that was a fast 99! I won't be able to have a giveaway on exactly my 100th post, but it will be coming! Who knows it may even be from this book!

Since I am so far behind I just want to say I hope every one had a great 4th and a huge thank you with a hug to all of our service men and women! My family and I appreciate what you do for us each and everyday! May God Bless you and America always!

I am going back to read my book! Pick out my favorites(if I can!) and maybe to give a way!
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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Stacy A. said...

Vickie, that book looks great. Sounds like you guys had a great little staycation. Sometimes those are the best. Man, I haven't been to a drive-in in years, but what great memories. When I was little my dad would make us all hide under a blanket so we could get in cheaper. What did you think of "Gte Smart"? I hope your all doing well, say hi to the girls for me. Love Stacy