Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Mornings!!!

Lilli with her new book Arctic Tale!
John in his flannel scarf that Lilli made him!
Gayle in her penguin pajamas!!!

Well, it is early Monday morning here! I am trying really hard to get over here first thing and get my blogging down! I have to bring my caffeine with me, though!!!

We are supposed to get rain today! Rain and Mondays! I think they go together, don't they?!
Throw in some baking and maybe a fresh pot of soup! What more could you ask for!!!!

After we finish school today, we are going to start cutting the fabric for my quilt project! I will take pictures! I have had a cutter for a long time! In fact, it is still in the package! I hope it is not dull!! I have a mat! In fact, two mats! My mom gave me hers! I am hoping for the best! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here is my haiku for today! Wow! This is hard!

Letting me go free
Living is everything
No rules for my life

I love it! This is exactly the way I feel! You know when you have a handicapped child everything is so much by the rules! I have figured out that there has to be some part of life that is not always ruled!!! What a break through!!! YAY!!!!

Have a carefree day!

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