Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The View from my Window!!!

The view from my kitchen window!!

We have lived in this house almost 10 years! Until yesterday I hadn't realized that I have a wonderful view from the kitchen window. The way the kitchen is made there is no really good way to appreciate it, unless you bring a chair into the middle of the floor and just sit there and look out! Right then and there I decided that was what I was going to do! I don't care if I have to walk around it all the time. So I fixed me a cup of coffee and pistachio white chocolate chip cookies (from Pepperidge Farm) and just watched out my window! As you can see it was not a rainy Monday, like the weatherman said it would be. He is, however, saying we are going to have a rainy Tuesday!!!! Whatever!

My brain was in haiku mode yesterday so I have them all done through Friday. Lilli has approved them!!!lol!

A calmness within
Comfort from warm fuzzy socks
A big smiling heart

This one was really hard for me to do! To have complete inner peace, I think your body and soul have to be as one all the time! Maybe it is me but sometimes I can't be that way all the time! I guess that's why when I put on a big ol' pair of warm fuzzy socks, I feel comfortable and settled!!! Aren't you comfortable and settled, when you have inner peace?!!

I hope you have a wonderful cozy day!!!

PS--I said yesterday that I was going to start a small quilt and I did! I am taking pictures and will post later about it! I will say, the cutting wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!!! In fact, I had fun!!! I didn't even cut my finger off!!! Everyone panics when I use sharp things!! I have a Rachel Ray knife! Wow! I have had it 2 years used it 3 times and have really cut myself every time. I need a book on how to use the darn thing! I am sure I heard Martha mention one the other day! I will have to look it up!!!

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