Friday, December 28, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS...............LATE!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I am so sorry I am posting so late! I hate that I just didn't find the time to get back over here! I hope everyone had a great day!!!
This is our tree in the dark! I like in the dark pictures best!!! We went with all blue lights this year, inside and out! We love the glow! At first it took a little getting used to, but with the snow on them, it was great!!! There are other pictures to post but blogger is very slow tonight!
I will be back tomorrow!!!

My thought for today!
The difference between
ordinary and extra ordinary,
is the little extra!

Is that ever true especially this time of year! With the pledge that I took, I found I had to give a little extra everyday!!!! However, everyone on my list got something handmade!!! I was so proud!!!
Have a wonderful cozy night!!!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a cool tree. Looks great in the dark.