Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Hand Made Goodness!

Here it is two weeks since my last post and I said I would do better!  UGH...
Anyway, you know how I have been so excited about the wantobe quilter campaign, well I finally decided to try my hand at a few things!  
Like the mug rug made from Canning Day fabric from Connecting Threads!

Here's another one!

Here is an owl block from a tutorial over at buzzingandbumbling!  Thanks for sharing, Linda!
The link is here!  I used fabric that I had from both Jo-Ann's and 
Connecting Threads!  I have to say he was so fun to make!  It was a little difficult for me to follow directions!
You do know I am a little challenged when it comes to following the directions or rules!  UGH...
It's so hard to follow them when you know your way is right, isn't?  Anway, I have a new best friend...the seam ripper!

And then came these wonderful baskets!  I have so much fun making them!  I used up scraps from Sunkissed from Sweetwater and Canning Days from Connecting Threads!  I am going to use these for gifts!  A Basketfull of Love!  They will have a mug rug, a mug, some goodies to eat and drink! 
I am so sorry I didn't post this before, but I couldn't remember where I got the tutorial for the baskets until I read cuttopieces the other day!  Thanks Angela!  The tutorial comes from pinkpenguin!  Thanks Ayumi!  Sorry I forgot to post this!

Anyway, I just wanted share!  I also have started a flickr account to put these handmade goodies on!
Thanks for reading!

Wherever you are Whatever you are doing I hope you are having a wonderfully happy day!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Nice job!! You've been busy over here.

Debbie said...

I LOVE your owl blanket and your little baskets!!! they are so adorable! the rug mugs are cute too!!! Nice job :)