Monday, January 31, 2011

It's me!

Hi there!  I know I haven't been here for a while!  Not because I didn't want to be or that I am lazy!  I was just super busy!!!  Yes, I finally finished my winter cleaning!  Fun it wasn't but at least it's finished until spring!!!  YAY!!!
After I downloaded all of my pictures, I realized I had enough for at least 3 posts!  So I will just share a few things I have managed to finish this month and a picture of my new nephew!  Yes I said nephew not great nephew!!LOL!

This is a table runner I made for my friend Heidi!  You can't really see them, but I quilted some stars in the gold!  She has just started collecting stars! 
 This is a snowman on a bedspring!  Isn't he adorable!  I used the end of a really old tie for his tie and band around his felt hat!  He started as a styrofoam ball then I covered him with papier mache!  Painted him white, painted his nose orange and his eyes and mouth black!  I named him Springy!! Original, huh?!! I have nine more ready to make!
 Since Heidi loves stars and snowmen what could be better than a star snowman!  I cut him out of stryofoam with my really old scroll saw(you wouldn't want to use a new one for stryofoam!)  Then I covered him with papier mache!  His name, of course, is Starry! Another super orignal name, I know!  He has a purple scarf because that is Heidi's favorite color! 
Here he is!!  It's MAX!  My brother and sister-in-law have a new dog!  They rescued him from the pound!  Is he like the sweetest thing ever?!  He doesn't bark, make messes, or chew things up!  He is the happiest little dog ever!  Did I mention he loves his Aunt Vickie?!!!  He does!!! 

That's it for me today!  I will be back hopefully sooner than later!!  However, we are bracing, along with most of the country, for a huge winter storm.  We here in east central Indiana are looking to get the ice then the snow!  Oh why can't we have just snow?!!  I would take snow over ice any day!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

Take care, Vickie

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your storm wasn't too bad! Glad to hear that you have had a productive January. Your new "nephew" looks very cute.