Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting back to normal!!!

 Here it is January 10 and we have just been having too much fun doing things we wanted to do during Christmas!  You know it takes so long to get ready and there are so many extra things to do and places to go that it seems you don't really get to do the fun things you want to do with those you live with!  So we have been watching our favorite movies, reading Christmas books, and eating the cookies and desserts that didn't get baked before Christmas! 
Today, though, we are going to be getting back to some kind of routine!  WooHoo!  YaY!
It is so hard to be in a routine with the holidays, don't ya think?!
It seems that my sewing room is just tooo cluttered to step foot in so that has to be cleaned up and organized!  The house in general needs cleaned up and we have got to get back to school!  Of course, the laundry has to be done, and I need to cook up some meals so I can put some in the freezer!  I love to have food ahead, don't you?!!!  Well that's my day for ya!  
Before I go, I want to show you a few gifts that I was able to get done for Christmas!  
 Here is Lilli with the Buttercup Bag from madebyrae!  Have you been there?  You should go if you haven't Rae has some really neat stuff!  Don't you love the circle fabric!  I just loved it! 

Now for those of you who read this blog you know how I hate to have my picture on here, but everybody thought that I had to post a picture of me with the doll I made my great niece because they thought the doll looked just like me!  How funny is that?  What do you think?!  Anyway, I had so much fun making her!  Now I want one!  She is in her nightgown and bloomers but she has a whole wardrobe that she can change into!!!  The pattern is by Dreamspinners but I'm not sure of the name and she is holding a teddy bear from
Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle, a book by Tone Finnanger!  Do you have that book?  I just love it! 
This is my ever so sweet great niece with her dolly!  I'm told she sleeps with her!  I am so excited about that!
That's it for me today!!!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy Monday!


Teodo said...

Happy new year Vickie.
I have to clean my house like you, I have to find a corner for new gifts, I have to do a bit of diet, I started a quilt.
OMG I'm tired and is only 10 January.
Hello Hello

debbie said...

the doll is adorable and so is your great niece! :)