Saturday, November 13, 2010

I can't believe I have won again!

I was over at IHAN the other day and Kelly had a wonderful post on elinor peace bailey!
With this post she was giving away a signed book that elinor has out with two friends, Cloth Doll Workshop!!!
I thought, boy wouldn't that be nice to have! So I signed up and I won! YAY!!!!
Thank you so much Kelly!

The same day I signed up for that book I followed the link to elinor's blog and she said the first 5 people that commented on her blog could have a copy of her bird pattern! I looked and there were only 3 signed up so far! I hurriedly signed up and lucky me I was number 4!!! Can you believe my luck?!!
Thank you so much elinor!

I am a blessed girl!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you are having a wonderfully happy Saturday!

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Mama Spark said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I keep entering and not winning! Glad someone is having luck.