Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything!

Hi Everybody!!! I wanted to post way before now but I just didn't get to it!
Anyway, here I am! I missed a post on punctuation day! Darn it! My favorite punctuation mark is the exclamation mark! If you couldn't tell!!!! LOL!! What's your favorite?!
We had a great day out at the park in Greenville, OH last week! Of course, it was so hot we didn't or couldn't do much!! So while we ate our yummy Maid-Rites we spied these little cuties having fun in the dead grass! Yep, everyone's grass is dead! The only thing that grows is the weeds!

Have you ever had a piece of fabric you didn't know what to do with?!! Well, here is one of mine!
I think I bought it about two years ago at Jo-Ann's! It doesn't photograph very well! It is much prettier in person!
Anyway I ran across this.......

pattern from Indygo Junction last year and finally got this........

top made 2 weeks ago! YAY for me! You might be thinking, wow that Vickie sure is skinny!
No, my dress dummy is skinny! She is permanently skinny! I can't get her to move into my measurements! She is really just for fun anyway! And she is very old! My friend and I traded some things and this is one thing I got!

I saw this post on sewingin-nomansland the other day and decided I had to make this wonderful scarf with a flower on it for Lilli!
Here is a close up of the flower! The center is glass beads that match the scarf and......

here is the whole scarf! It was so easy and fun to make! I think my nieces will have one for Christmas!!!

My niece's birthday was September 6! She said she was getting a camera and needed a bag for it so I made her this gathered clutch with a handle from a tutorial over at noodlehead!
It was so fun and not as hard as I thought it would be! And Chanz'ee loved it!
This is the inside!

This is the outside! I used the Riviera fabric from Connecting Threads!
I love their fabrics!

That's it for me today! I have lots more to post but it will wait for another day!

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