Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baking Day!!!

OMG! This is the best kind of day ever!!!! Baking, baking, and more baking!
The house smells like Christmas! YAY!!!!
We have or are baking pear muffins(John's favorite), sugar cookies(Gayle's favorite),
pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips(Lilli's favorite), and a buttermilk pie(my favorite)!!
I think I have talked about the pear muffins on here before! They are so yummy especially warm with butter on them! The sugar cookies are fat and soft and very sugary!!!
The pumpkin cookies are just so sweet smelling and so tasty when iced with cream cheese icing!
I just can't wait until that pie gets done! It tastes just about like cream pie! YAY!
Besides baking like mad I have also been hand sewing and finding some wonderful new blogs! I
can't wait to update my blog roll! There might be one or two that you haven't seen!
PS...the absolute best part of all this baking is we give most of it away!! To neighbors, friends and family!!!!

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