Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas late and more Snow, lots more!!!

We have more snow! WooHooooo!!! Just have to say that Lilli, the dog and I are very happy!!! John is not so happy! He is grumbling around with when is spring gonna get here?! We just laugh and say the calendar says March 20!!!
We have 12 inches and it is still snowing! It is the really heavy snow that makes for great packing! I am sure we will be making a snowman soon!!! We have already made Snow Ice Cream! Yummy!Before the really bad snow started, Lilli and I were able to go to town to meet our really good friends, Kacey and Deanna! They just bought a shop in town! I haven't said anything before now because I wanted to take pictures and post them! Silly me, I thought I forgot my camera, but when I got home, where do you think it was? In my purse! So I did have it but didn't know it!! We will go back and I will take pictures and then I can post them! Anyway, we have a thing about owls! Look what Lilli found in the shop! Isn't it so sweet and don't you love the colors?!!!
It was 50% off to make it the buy of the day!!! The name of shop is the Cashmere Cat and it is a very sweet consignment shop loaded with great things!

One reason we met Kacey and Deanna for lunch was to celebrate Christmas with them! I know it's January but we just couldn't find a good time, when we thought we could we couldn't so we did it yesterday!!! Did we ever bring home the goodies! Deanna always gets us tooo much but everything was great! I love Gooseberry Patch and snowmen! And look there is Carol Burnett! We love her and we love to laugh so that is a great choice for us! Do you see the box of chocolates? It says Believe on it and it's by Maxfield's! I read the box and Maxfield's has been making chocolates since 1947! Isn't it funny that something has been around for so long and you've never heard of them or tasted them?!! Well, the chocolates were great! Yep, I said were, we ate the whole box yesterday! Aren't we awful? If it helps it was a small box!!!
Thanks Deanna and Kacey for a great time! We really do have to do it more often!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!
PS...Just wanted to say we were on the very lucky side of this winter storm the people to the south of us got mostly. We are thinking of you. Be safe!


Carla said...

I used to make snow ice cream! I can't remember how now but we don't have snow anyway LOL! I love owls too. Had quite a collection at one time. Have you showed the girls my hummingbird video yet? I bet they will like it. :) Be sure to listen for the little squeak of the bird.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love your new necklace. The color is great. Love Carol B. too.

teodo said...

I'm sorry for John, but I like snow... it is so nice and everything looks so quiet.
A big cold kiss :-p
ciao, ciao

glorybe1024 said...

Where is Deanna's shop? I have to get to Winchester to see it!!

debbie said...

YEAH!!! SNOW!!! I am happy you got snow! I am not so happy we got snow. lol Really i guess i don't mind it as much if the roads and my driveway are clean. lol
Emily has a thing for owls too! Your valentine owl background it really cute! :o)