Monday, November 3, 2008

Life is ZOOMING by these days!

Can I just say that Life is zooming these days! We are getting ready for the wedding, I had to get my angel swap out, which I am proud to say I made the deadline! Thank goodness! Then we had Halloween on Friday night, then we had Art on Saturday! What a week! There is never a spare moment it seems! But I had to share with you the rest of my birthday goodies!

Gayle, Lilli and John were so sweet! I have all of the Hallmark Snowmen so they got me the newest one! One of us is always pushing the play button every time we walk past! It really does make us smile every time! Oh yes, they got me the two new Debbie Macomber Christmas books! She is one of my favorites! I just can't wait to read them! Then there are these 2 books they gave me! I have been wanting Amy Butler's book IN STITCHES ever since it came out! I love it! Then SEAMS TO ME by Anna Maria Horner! As soon as she started talking about this book, I knew I had to have it! What about that title?! It just says it all! I like them both so much I can't even pick a favorite! Again, I think I received way enough for my birthday, but let's not mention that to Gayle, Lilli, and John they may not get me anything for Christmas!LOL!!!

I am sorry I didn't get over to wish every one a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN, late! This is Lilli as a cheerleader! She even wore my little MORTON RED DEVILS beanie! You see when we were in elementary school we had, I think 4 cheerleaders and 3 of us set in the cheering section rooting on our team! Us 3 wore sweaters with a big red M on it and a beanie! The 7 of us girls were just about all of us in our class! We had fun!

The little baby's dress is almost done and the pattern is what I have left to make for Lilli to wear at the wedding! The baby comes today to see if the dress fits and I have to get her measured for the length! I forgot how little baby clothes were! Wow! To get all of the gathers on such a small bodice was a little difficult, but I did it! And then there was a 9 inch zipper in the back! I couldn't imagine a 9 inch zipper in such a little dress, but I got it in there! Thank goodness! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it fitting!

That's all for me today!
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!


Vickie E said...

I want to read Debbie's Christmas books too!! You recieved some wonderful gifts!

debbie said...

You received some very nice gifts! The books sound great. How will you decide what to read fist?
The dress is beautiful! I sure hope it fits! :o) Make sure you snap a pic of the cutie during her fitting!
Sarah wanted to be a cheerleader too. She changed her mind at least 6 times before deciding upon the dark princess.... Timothy went as a flag football player...(big surprise) lol

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you. That little dress is adorable!!! Makes me wanna go to a wedding.

teodo said...

Wonderful gifts Vickie.........
and the little dress is fantastic.
ciao ciao

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wishing you a happy belated birthday Vickie!! Looks like your family spoilt you. Those sewing books look fabulous!! Thanks for giving me the idea of an altered book - the one your friend make is just lovely! Your great niece is too cue - sweet dress.