Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MY BIRTHDAY, yesterday!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I wanted to share with you some of my birthday fun!

This is what we had last night for "cake" and ice cream! I am far from normal so I had pie and ice cream for my birthday cake! It was a pumpkin pudding pie topped with cool whip! Then we dipped our pretzel rods in chocolate and sprinkled them with fall colors! I made Blonde Brownies from Aunt Bee's(The Andy Griffith Show)recipe book! We bought the new TV Network magazine on Tuesday and there was this White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cherry Cookie recipe that sounded so good! However I changed the cherries to cranberries! They were so yummy!Okay on with the gifties! I have a new friend from blog land! Debbie from debbiesquiltsandmore. She is so sweet and kind. She sent me a pot holder and a towel that she had machine embroidered! They were sent last week part of extras she had left from a PIF that she had done! Aren't they great?!!! She sent me the wonderful handmade birthday card yesterday! I think that it is a great card and she was so kind to send it! Thank you Debbie!

My really great in-person friend(we have been friends for at least 17 years), Deanna(she has no blog), made me this altered book! It is fabulous with all the great yarns she used on the spine and it's green! It is an antique home-ec book, which is right up my alley! It has all the old fashioned pictures in it and she then added verses that I really like and some from the Bible that we both like! She took a lot of time with it!
It was accompanied with a Mary card! I love Mary stuff!

Here is the inside of a couple of the pages! The verse says True Friendship is seen through the
Heart not the eyes! Isn't that the truth?!!! Thank you so much Deanna, Kacey and Mark! I will cherish it always! Kacey I am so proud to share birthdays with you! I hope you had a great day yesterday!

My in-laws gave me this new Gooseberry Patch book! I have just about everyone they have come out with! I am sure there will be lots in it that I will try! Can't wait! Love you both!

I had to share with you this wonderful fits us to a tee card John gave me! It's funny, cute, and very appropriate! Love you, too, John!

Just one more little present! The egg spatula to add to my egg collection! I love it! I received money(from my parents), thanks Mom and Dad! Love ya a ton! Magazines, candles, candy, and I even have a box coming this week! I think I received way toooo much. However, the most important gift of the day was the time I was able to spend with all my family and friends! My niece and nephew and his precious little baby girl were here. Connie, my sil , was here. We had lots of pictures taken! I'm sorry that my soon to be niece couldn't make it and my nieces' boyfriend couldn't either. My brother was out of town, so he couldn't make it. We did send goodies to everyone, though. Missed you all and I love ya! All the great wishes from every one in blog land made my day even that more special! Thank you so much to everyone from the bottom of my heart!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you are having a wonderfully happy day!


teodo said...

I can tell that you are a lucky girl..........no no you are a lucky and lovely woman.
ciao ciao

debbie said...

Wow, What an yummy assortment of goodies you had for your birthday "cake"! yum!
sounds like you had a great day with lots of nice gifts! :O)

glorybe1024 said...

Happy belated Birthday my friend!!! I miss you...I need to get out to Winchester soon and see you and the girls.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sounds like you had a very happy birthday Vickie!!! You got alot of nice gifts for sure. I love the egg stuff. That is adorable!!