Monday, September 15, 2008

A Very Nice Weekend!!!!

We all had a wonderful weekend here! I hope you all did! This was John's first weekend off in about 3 months! It was just nice to do whatever we wanted to do! The only thing was, it was just so hot here. When Lilli and I came home from Muncie at 8:45pm it was still 87 degrees!
I'm just sayin' with fall only 5 days away, that is toooo hot! We are so ready for fall! Since Ike moved through, the temps have dropped dramatically! It is 67 degrees now!!!!YAY!

Now to tell you what we did! We went shopping for everything we needed and some things that we didn't need! John stayed home with Gayle to get caught up on all that TV he has been missing! I got to sew some things that have been staring at me!

I was able to make 2 baby blankets and 6 baby bibs! They are for my great niece! I thought I should get them made before she turns 6!!!!LOL! She's only 4 months old, but you know how fast time goes!!! The bibs are a pattern from Bending the Rules Sewing Book! Sew easy! Love that book!!!! I am now going to start practicing up on my zippers! It has been forever since I have used a zipper in anything! The instructions in this book look fairly simple!
Have you seen this book? If you like Halloween, you would really like it! We bought it on our outing! It has an in stitches section, an owl section, what you can do with fresh produce section,
all kinds of crafty things to make, and lots of tricks and treats! We give this book by Matthew Mead *****'s!!!!!!

We went to Joann's! What's a girl gonna do with all of those coupons, you have to use them, right?
Well, I bought a magazine, did I need it? No, but I'm glad I bought it! Home and Heart! I love it! I really like the Home and Heart Holiday! The fall Quilt Sampler was out, of course, I couldn't resist that! I bought some essentials, you know needles, floss, a pattern! With gas so high I have to make every trip count, right?!!!
Then I bought this box! I love this box! It is big, it has a lot of room inside, and it has my favorite saying on it! LOVE MUCH! LIVE WELL! LAUGH OFTEN!!!! My good friend, Deanna, painted this saying on a 6ft board that hangs above my picture window in the living room! LOVE IT!!!!

Then to Kohl's we went! You can never have tooo many towels, can you?!!! At least that is what I tell John! Well, these towels were 65% off and I had another 30% off! They were my perfect color! Love that green! I love any green! I got 5 sets altogether for $22.00!!!! Talk about a sale!
That was my weekend! Leave me a comment and let me know how your weekend went!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!


debbie said...

I looked at that Halloween magazine at the grocery store while waiting in line! It did have some great things in it. I decided to put it back because i still have one from last year i never did anything

glorybe1024 said...

Sounds like you had fun!! I haven't been to Muncie to shop in such a long time. I went to Kohl's on Saturday and got some bargains on clothes for work...that actually fit! I still have 20 pounds to go but my clothes were on the verge of just falling off my body!! I can't wait to see more of your creations.

teodo said...

it seems like yyou have spent a nice weekend.
sometimes it is so nice to spend a bit of time for us doing what we want.
During my weekwnd I have prepared the kits for our Quilting day that will be the 5th October
and then I've seen the FORMULA ONE that took place in my city (MONZA).

Anonymous said...

Haha, such deals! Man! Sounds like your weekend was pretty fun. =] It's FINALLY getting cold. It was 74 degrees today. Better than nothing I guess. I slept most of the weekend...and added stuff to my Etsy shop. Nothing too interesting unlike yours!