Monday, September 29, 2008

A very fun Saturday!

We went to this really fun Comfort Inn that is attached to a mall! It is only like an hour or so away from home! It is in Ohio! So for a quick get away that's where we go! We love it there! Us girls can shop and John can go watch his creepy movies! It really is a nice place to go! So we did all the mall stuff on Friday and had Saturday to do what we wanted!

We started out at JoAnn's!YAY! They have the best JoAnn's around without getting on the interstate! I could go at least once a week! They have beads and scrapbooking stuff that is way better than we can get like in Muncie or Richmond! I saved $51.31! I was shocked! We had lunch, stopped at the Home Depot!
We are getting ready to paint or garage and shed! Sounds like fun, huh?!!!! Anyone want to help?!!!
Then we were off to Brumbaugh's Fun(Fruit) Farm!YAY! It was the funnest place we have been for a while! It is even closer to home than the Comfort Inn! Anyway, they have the most amazing market and bakery that I have been in for sometime! The apple dumplings were to die for!! Sorry I didn't get a picture!
They have 18 stations where you do things! Like learn how to fly like a bee! Really fun!
You get in this swing and fly down the cord! They had a goat fort, where you can visit with
the goats! The storybook forest was the best! I can say I have never been in a storybook forest! It was really neat! The hay ride was fun! They had a fishin' hole! They had the best corn maze! They had questions you had to answer before you could go the right way! They had this haunted house where the Pumions(pumpkin like creatures) live!
I said no way am I going through that house! Well, after many come on moms, please go!
I thought okay, Lilli did say please! So I went! John said don't worry there is nothing too scary!
Yeah right! It was so darn dark that I walked into two walls, tripped up the stairs to the slide and coming down the slide, there were these blood curdling screams, which I assumed were from the Pumions! Until I heard this little voice say that was fun! It was fun alright! I was screaming all the way out the door and Lilli was laughing her head off! No more haunted houses for me!

This is the man made mountain that was 45ft high! The slide was this huge tunnel! They loved it! They went four times!
John behind the ghost!

This is Gayle behind the ghost! She was just getting ready to say something! I know it wasn't boooo!

Lilli behind the ghost!

If you ever get to Arcanum, OH, this fun farm is a must!!!!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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debbie said...

Who knew Ohio had such fun things to do!?!? lol (Ok, so I'm from Ohio) I just love Fall for that exact reason! We went to a farm last fall, but i cant seem to remember the name, or were it is other than
Thanks for sharing! It looks like everyone had fun! Some more than others I don't like haunted houses either! lol