Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lots to say today!

Hi! I hope you all are having a great weekend! It cooled off into the mid 80's here today! I know it is not really that cool, but there is not that much humidity! Thank goodness we finally got some rain yesterday! My garden was getting way too dry!

Here is a picture of the surprise giveaway we had! Kami left such a wonderful comment!
Anyway, we sent her a few of the things that we collect! I made the angel from a really old Tammy DeYoung pattern! An angel because that is what Gayle collects! A homemade apron, recipe cards, cookbook because I collect them! A Nancy Drew book, because she likes Nancy Drew and so does Lilli! Then we through in some scrapbook paper, buttons and ribbon because we have a passion for them! I also gave her the Mary Engelbreit Friends and Flowers charm pack!

As you can tell, I am still working on my blog list, I will get them all back on there soon!
When I as trying to get some of my old ones back one day, I found some new ones! Here are just a few I really like:
I love thirtyhandmadedays, lots of different ideas everyday for 30! Very fun!
Whipup has tons of ideas!
Paperandstring is very cool and has lots of neat things for sale!
Hugsnkisses is really fun, too! She is the one doing the Angel Stitcher Swap! Can't wait for that!
I bought the new Better Homes and Garden Holiday Crafts today!(like I needed another magazine!)LOL! Anyway, in there is a page that if you go to
and sign up for their free daily newsletter you will get lots of of ideas and inspiration until January 1, 2009! How fun!

Going to a summer wedding! Lilli and John are all dressed up in summer wedding clothes!
Anyway, John is wearing Dockers and Marc Edwards!(from Kohl's)LOL!
Lilli's I made along with my Janome!(which I love!) She has wanted me to make her a dress forever! So I thought this would be the perfect time! I have to say it has probably been 5 or 6 years since I made her a dress! Well, she went crazy for it and I had so much fun! I learned how to make bias tape all over again! How to just relax and enjoy sewing! I have to say it is a good thing to make something! I love it and I have missed it terribly!
Lilli's dress is from Simplicity #3546 inspired by project runway! I will have to say I let her pick out the parts that she wanted! So actually you could say that she designed it herself! Have I told you that she loves to design clothes?! I have a feeling that she just might for the October wedding we have!
This is the purse I made to go with it! She just went nuts when she saw it finished! The pattern I used was from Gingham Collection! So cute!
Today is my friend's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Deanna!

That was a mouthful!

Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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teodo said...

Lilli is wonderful(BELLISSIMA in italian) and the dress and the bag are very nice.
Here in Italy is very hot and the rain is a dream.
I hope you can have a happy August...... here all are in holyday and tomorrow I too.
ciao ciao

ps....sorry if I do some mistakes writing.