Saturday, July 26, 2008

An evening with Hannah/Miley,Lilli, and Gayle

An evening with Hannah/Miley, Lilli and Gayle and what an evening it was!
I have to tell you the only thing we heard around this house all week was Miley uh Hannah! I am not sure who is who or what is what!LOL!!! So I was not exactly that excited about this concert! Anyway, all I knew was tonight was the big concert! Yes, we had to even wear 3-D glasses! Will my eyes ever be the same?!LOL! Good thing they tell you when to wear them and when not to!! We had a blast! Gayle laughed!YAY!! It's always a good sign when Gayle laughs at what we watch! Lilli was just so thrilled! She, of course, knew all the words to the songs! So she sang along and tell me when to do the right thing with my glasses in case I would forget! Thank goodness!!! I need all the help I can get! So even though I was not as excited all week about this concert as Lilli, I will have to say it was fun! So thank you, Lilli, for wanting to share your evening with Hannah/Miley with me!!! I had a great time with you and Gayle!

We had to have our energy for the concert so we fixed one of our favorites! SOUTHWESTERN
CHICKEN SALAD! YUM!!!! It is so simple to make! Really you can put anything on top of your fried tortilla! I always fry the whole package of tortillas and we can have a salad another day!
Then I put lettuce on top of the shell. I take a mixture of cooked shredded chicken breast, corn, black beans, onions and green peppers that have been cooked with as much taco seasoning as you like and layer that on top of the lettuce. I top it off with salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese! It is wonderful!

This was our dessert! We had left over fried tortilla shells so Lilli took cherry pie filling and piled on top of the shell and smothered it with cool whip and a cherry on top! YUM!!!!

This is Lilli watching the concert!

Goodnight every one!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I saw that Movie/concert with my daughter recently! (I didn't know the words the songs either!)