Friday, February 1, 2008


The footstool!

WARNING!! Just to let you know you should always turn on a light in every room upon entering!!! Or you should make sure the pathway is clear! I came over to the computer room last night and didn't turn a light on and look what was in my way! OUCH!! Dang it and what ever else I could think of came out of my mouth! Tears were flowing! I made my way back to the house! My knee was swollen and bruised. Lilli got me an ice bag and an aspirin! Honestly, I couldn't live without her! God must have seen me growing old and decided I would need some help!!! Thank you, God! I am not ever this clumsy. I just wasn't paying attention, I guess! Anyway, I am so sore today! I have had two aspirin today, an ice bag on my left knee, and slept most of the day! Two aspirin and I can sleep for hours. Tomorrow I am hoping not to be as sore so I can at least sew on my quilt! I didn't yesterday because I had to shop for us and the neighbors because the weather forecast was horrible. The 4-8 inches of snow sounded wonderful but not the 1/2 inch of ice. As it turned out, we didn't get even an inch of snow and just very little ice! We were disappointed with no snow but at least we didn't get the ice!

My haiku doesn't have anything to do with my post today but here goes!

Long hot summer days
Plants popping through the brown dirt
Waiting for the fruit

We haven't had a garden for a couple years but we are going to this summer! I can't wait! I love to work in the garden!!! So does Lilli!

Have a snuggle buggle night!!!!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Vickie, was it a Dick Van Dyke moment??? ROFLOL!! I'm sorry to laugh. I do hope your ok. You poor thing. My hubby ran into this gigantic antique bread bowl I have and I have a huge fern in it. Well I sat it on the floor while I was using the dining room table. He ran right into it. And said a few choice words. Well, today while he was at work guess what?? I ran into it. Of course I was dumb enough to tell him. He laughed!!!!