Thursday, February 14, 2008

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! and much more!

This is just an old chair with a few of my favorite Valentine's Day things!!!!

Where has the time gone?!!! The Challenges(doesn't that sound less stressful than resolutions? And I did make them a week or so after New Year's Eve!!) I put on myself are falling to the wayside fast. I haven't posted in forever. I have just got to do better! Lilli and I started our Heart Healthy exercises this week! Yay Rah!!!! We are feeling better, sleeping better, and breathing better!! So that is one challenge we have started! Reading, is another one that I have kept!!! It is absolutely one of my favorite things to do! I love it!!! Maybe too much! Lilli starts art at Ball State this week so that will be another Challenge, because I can sit for 2 hours and do some needle work or read!LOL! I have started up crocheting again! I love it! I haven't crocheted since I was in the ...........okay you don't need to know how long ago!!! Let's just say I had to reread the directions to make sure I was doing it right! I did make some crochet hearts! I am passing out for gifts to friends and family tomorrow! It has been an absolute rushed week! We were out of town today, it just was too hectic!!! It is freezing cold! After being out all day, I just didn't want to get back out! Again, not very much snow! It was pretty icy, though. Not what we want!!!

This is one of the four blocks I have done for my little beginner's quilt!! I may add that I think it should be not a first beginner's quilt, but I think it is coming a long! I am hoping to put it together tomorrow! Just the front mind you! I will work on the back maybe next week! Binding and all of that seems to be a lot all at once!!! I will probably have to read it four or five times, hope a lot and have Lilli by my side to get me through the binding!!!

This is my new hair cut! It is a new cut but not a new style! Chanzee, my so sweet niece, does my hair! She cut it for me on January 28! I don't get it done like I should, but she does a wonderful job when I get over there to get it done!!! Yes, I do get it colored! I am lucky she doesn't tell me I should get it cut more often!!! I love my hair this short! It only takes me about 5 minutes!

This is wonderful Lilli and snuggly KiKi!!! Can you believe that Lilli took this by herself! She is pretty good, don't ya think?! To get her and KiKi both in the same picture is pretty darn good!!! I'd say! I am her Momma, though!!!!

February 8th! John is officially over the hill! I tease him, he only has 49 more years until he is
100!!!! With all of those push-ups and vitamins he takes, he just might live that long!!! You never know!!! However, if he puts that footstool out in my way again, he may not make to 52!LOL!!! We made him a Miracle Whip Cake with blue icing! Yummy! Lilli is really into colored icing right now!!!
I think this has us all caught up! I have two more swap boxes to get out tomorrow, but I hope to make it over to blog! I want to post my next haiku!!! I am also working on a give away for Easter! If I can get anybody to sign up!!! I will post the details and prize in a couple of weeks!

Have a snuggly night!!
Sweet dreams!

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