Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thought for Today!

Well, I think I am posting this all backwards but here goes! Santa was the last thing that happened!
Sunday night we went to Connersville, IN for our Polar Express Ride!
We boarded the train at Grand Central Station, of course, and then they took us a 45 minute ride into the deep darkness! Low and behold there was the NORTH POLE!! On the way to the Pole we had hot chocolate and a cookie! Passed out by our chef! While we were waiting, Santa came and pounded on everyone's window, then he boarded with his elf, George!
We had a 45 minute ride back to the station!
The Whitewater Railroad is a working museum! We learned so much! It is ran by all well trained volunteers. We would highly recommend it!
What a wonderful time we had!

Here's Lilli and Santa!
Here comes Santa!
The train decorated for our ride!
Our tickets!
John and Lilli in Grand Central Station getting ready to board the train!
Lilli on our way to Connersville!

Sorry for posting a backwards post! Thanks for letting me share!

The whole worth of a kind
deed is in the love that
inspired it.
The Talmud

This is late, isn't it? Better late than never, huh?!

That's all for me tonight! Sleep tight!

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