Friday, December 7, 2007

A Snowy Shopping Day!

Anyone that knows us knows that we love the snow! So we have enjoyed the last 3 days to say the least!! Yesterday we spent some time with a new friend that we met through etsy! We had a fun time! When it was time for us to go, we decided to go shopping! WhoHoo! That is one thing we love to do and we are very good at it!!! Just ask John! No on second thought, don't ask John! What he doesn't know won't hurt him!LOL!
Anyway, here is what we bought!

We found these Jolly & Bright Fiskars at Jo-Ann's on sale! They had ones with holly, but we have an addiction to peppermint! Who could resist these sweet things! Anyway, they are a special edition by Heidi Grace! Love them! My new friend and I have a joke who has the most scissors, but don't know where they are!!!!

Oh, isn't this the sweetest fabric?! We found it at Hobby Lobby! It is Thank You Santa, by Michael Miller! I love it! I'm gonna make my mom a pillow!

This was my stash! Just like I needed to add to my already, busting at the seams, stash!! Oh well, the more fabric you have the more fun life is, right?

Since this is the season for peace and joy I have to give you this quote for today! It is from my neighbor lady!

"Unhappy people....make for Unhappy circumstances."

We do after all have the power to be happy or unhappy, right?
Being happy is way better than being unhappy!

Have a Happy Day!
A Wonderful Weekend!

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