Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is anybody out there?!

I know it's been forever but I really want to start posting again!  I would like to make it an everyday habit.  It seems that time goes so fast and the day is gone before I know it.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Easter and you all are having a happy spring!  We are!
Gayle is good!  She is now 33!  I can't believe it.  Lilli is now 16! We are still homeschooling.  YAY!  She is still on the fence about driving, though.  I will let her make her own mind up on that one.
We had a long, snowy and cold winter, which didn't disappoint me any!  I know you all think I am crazy but I love it!  
I am going to be a great aunt for the 3rd time!  I am so excited!!!!!  I don't know if that makes me old or not but I don't care!  Maybe if it was my 3rd grandchild I would be old.  The baby is due in October which happens to be my birthday month.  The due date is October 15 which means the baby would have to wait an extra 12 days.  That would be unfair to mommy, I  think.  Well, as we all know babies come when they are ready, so we will see!
Sad to say I haven't really been making anything lately.  My organizational skills have left me.  How sad is that.  I am trying to get organized so that I have more time to start making stuff again, a lot of stuff!!!  I really do miss it!  I am so much happier when I make stuff, aren't you?!
I have been on pinterest a lot, probably too much.  I have been making recipes like mad off of there!  There are so many great ones!  There is so much inspiration on there, too!  It's a great place!
I am helping put together our 35th class reunion.  Maybe that should make me feel old, I'm not sure.  It's always fun looking people up finding out where they are and what they are doing!
I haven't put any new pictures on here forever so I will leave you with a picture of my sweet boy cat Kiki.  He is going to be 16 this year! Lilli used to dress him up in sunglasses and a boa!  Adorable!

Wherever you are Whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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