Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When to stay home!

 You might want to stay home when it snows so you can play in it!
You might want to stay home when a mouse(yes a mouse is in the house for the first time in 11
years) jumps out of a drawer and you are screaming so bad that you have scared the cats til they won't come into the house! 
Or you could stay in the house because yesterday was December 13!  Whatever the reason, I should have stayed home yesterday!  
Our first stop was the library!  I know what you're thinking, that shouldn't be tooo bad.  Well, it was!
All Lilli wanted to do was take a book back and pick one up that she had ordered!  They bring up her account and it says she owes $10.00!  I said no way.  The girl, which by the way, is so unfriendly that it makes me ill when she has to wait on us.  By the look on her face I was sure she wanted me to have to pay the fine!   If that wasn't bad enough, she opened my account, what for I'm not sure because I didn't want a book and wasn't bringing one back.  She said I owed $40.00.  I said now that's just crazy I am up here more than you are!  I am, too!  Thankfully, the girl that waited on us 3 days ago said that she knew we didn't owe the fines and to take them off!  Thank goodness!  All and all it took us 10 minutes to check out a book that normally would have taken 2!!!  Not persuaded to go home, I went on my merry way!  My next stop should have been to get eggs but no I went to our wonderful Wal-Mart(not)instead!  We pay for our stuff and got almost home and forgot our bag of ice that we paid for!!  So I stop to make sure I can find my receipt and I did.  Getting the ice was a cinch!  Thank goodness!  Now we had driven past the egg store 3 times and drove by one more time!  I guess for good measure!  The number 4 must have been my lucky number! Finally, I got my eggs! I still had to go get mouse traps....ugh.  On the way to get mouse traps, I told Lilli that I was definitely go to get take out! It would have been 7:30 or 8:00 and that was tooo late for supper!
The stop for mouse traps went without a hitch!  So we stop at McDonald's and would you know we didn't get our whole order.  We didn't leave the parking lot but we had driven away from the pick-up window without a receipt.  Our McDonald's quit giving receipts unless you ask for one and when you do they act like it's a sin!   I asked for the rest of my order anyway and I thought they were gonna call the police.  They gave my fries!  Feeling like criminals we finally arrived home safe and sound with all our things!
Believe me when it is the 13th,or it snows, or a mouse jumps from a drawer I am staying home!

Wherever you are whatever you  are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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