Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's almost Easter!!!

Hi!  I have been so far behind!  And the fact that the days fly by just doesn't help!
Anyway, Easter is almost here and we are excited!  Easter is like Christmas here!  We decorate and bake!
We make most of the gifts!  We have traditions like making baby powder bunny foot prints to each of the girls' rooms where there baskets are found!  We have our usual Easter Egg Hunt!  The fun thing about Easter is that no matter how old we are we can have so much fun with our traditions!  I hope the weather is nice so we can fly kites and blow bubbles!  Have you all seen those new colored bubbles by Crayola?  Can't wait to use them!  Yesterday I found the Bubble Launcher to go with them!  I really don't know who is more excited me or the girls!!!
Here are a few eggs that I made!  I am so glad I had some styrofoam eggs bought up because Hobby Lobby didn't have any and Joann's just had a few, which I bought!  Anyway, I found the directions for these eggs on debbiemumm's website!  They were so fun and easy to make! 

I don't want anyone to faint but I made joined a BOM!!!  I know I think I must be crazy, right?
Anyway, I finally got the nerve to cut my sunkissed by sweetwater and I have all twelve blocks sewn together!
Believe me that says alot for me!  Just the fact that I could cut them was a miracle but to sew them together and have them turn out was even more of a miracle!  My big deal now is to get the designs transferred onto the fabric!  I think I have read up on this tooo much!  But I think I am going to try the pen that has the ink that goes away when it is ironed!  I would be interested to know how you transfer your designs!
By the way the BOM is Little Birdie Stitches by littlemissshabby!  

How about these cuties?!!!  I have adored these for so long and printed the directions off from Linda!
I think I first printed these off 2 years ago and decided this was the year!  I made a batch of eight but forgot to take a picture!  Everytime someone stopped by one of these ducks would leave with them!  When I finally took a picture I only had these 3 left!  Thank goodness just enough for my very best friend and my 2 girlie girls!  Anyway, they are fast and fun!  You should try them!!!

This picture is just to wish you each a HAPPY EASTER!!!
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully HAPPY EASTER!!!


Teodo said...

Happy Easter Vickie to you and to your family.
ciao ciao

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love Sweetwater fabric- your BOM is going to be gorgeous! Such pretty colours.