Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hi There!!!

Hi there, it's me!  I know it has been awhile!  It's been a crazy February! 
We passed around the stomach flu for 3 weeks.  UGH... Not fun at all.
However, I think we are all on the mend!  
Not only was February Valentine's Day, by the way, Happy Belated Valentine's Day, it was John's birthday!
We just celebrated it this last Sunday!  His real day is the 8th but with all the sickness going around we just couldn't do it!  Better late than never!  Right?!!!  It's  always fun to get with the family for a celebration!  

Don't forget to go to caraquilts for her charity!  You still have until March 7!!!

Okay on to the goodies!
Instead of the peanut butter kiss cookies we did the sugar kiss cookies!  They are yummy!
A good way to celebrate Valentine's Day!
 Though we have been sick we went shopping on-line, of course!  We couldn't go shopping in person in our jammies, could we?!  Well, we could but we wouldn't dare!!!    Lilli has fallen in love with this bag pattern!  It is in my pile to make!
 I'm not sure how this picture got here in the middle of my purchases, but this is my very first mug rug!  I gave it to my Mom for Christmas!
I made my very best friend one just like it for Christmas!  They are so fun to make!!!
 Oh look, it's my very favorite fabric line for now!!!  SUNKISSED by sweetwater!!!  Do you love it?
 Some of these fabrics were bought in January before we got sick!!!  But the top piece is from  Shabby Fabrics!  I made prayer scarves for my vbf  and her Mom and daughter, when her grandma passed.  However, I forgot to take pictures.  I have one more to make for another friend's sister, who has not been feeling well.  If I can remember, I will take a picture!  Oh, by the way, the prayer scarf idea was shared with us all by sewnwithgrace!
 Even more fabrics!  Yes, even some Christmas fabrics!!!
Well, that's it for me today!  I still have more things to share!  I hope to be back sooner than later!!!
Take care!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy Wednesday!!!


Teodo said...

Fantastic and ......good cookies, and fantastic the new look of the blog.
Your shop on line is very interesting. ciao ciao

debbie said...

I LOVE the Sunkissed fabric! I just got a charm pack of that. Not quite sure what i am making with it but cant wait. :) just came across a

debbie said...

...the cutest quilt shop.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love all your new fabric - very inspiring! Glad to hear you are all feeling heaps better now!

Suzanne W. said...

WOW Vickie!! What busy girls you've all been! Just wanted to pop in and see what's new here. Gonna go look and all those beautiful fabrics again. Happy March!

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