Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi there! I hope everyone out there is good! We are!
Well, I tell ya I have found it so hard to sit and just post but here I am!
I have so enjoyed spring and all the newness it brings! The only thing I don't like is the
Anyway, on with my new things!
Momma Robin had 4 babies that are out amoung the trees now! It was so fun to go out everyday and watch them grow up and then to watch Momma teach them how to fly! Mother Nature is great and very inspiring!
This chicken was in the sewing stuff that my neighbor man gave me when his parents had passed. His mother was very talented! I wish I could have known her better. A couple of years ago I drew up a pattern to make me one but I never really got inspired until.....

this lovely little book showed up in my mailbox! Do you have this book it is so sweet and yes inspiring!!!! So I got busy making............

these chickens! Yes, you might say I got carried away, but I do think they are so cute!
I turned a grapevine wreath into a pull toy with wooden spools for the wheels this way whatever chicken is in season will have a special seat!

This is my summer chicken!
Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!!

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Teodo said...

Thanks Vockie for these wonderful photos.
Happy inspiration. ciao ciao