Friday, February 12, 2010

It's been a long time......

Okay....either I am all confused after such a long time to post or blogger is!
It's probably me!!!
Anyway, it's been almost 2 months since I was here last. Ugh!!!
I am not even gonna try to fill you in on everything but here goes!
I believe the last time I posted I was ranting about the Colts!!! Well, I'm still upset about the 2 game loss but what can I say! So after that post they played a playoff game and won! YAY! So I thought I best not post! So then they won another playoff game and I knew I shouldn't post!
I was ecstatic! We are going to play in the Super Bowl! WooHoo!
In between times the Pro Bowl was played and my team won, however I was just a little upset that they changed it this year! How can you have viewer voted players not play because they are in the Super Bowl! I understand they can't take a chance and get hurt, but why do you get to vote and then not get to watch those players play?!! I say if you are going to change when they are going to play then they should change the voting!!! Oh well, whatever! I'll have to get over that as well! So we endure a weeks worth of hoopla until the Super Bowl which is okay I guess! Then comes the big day! I mean I am so excited I can't stand it! All day coverage from an Indianapolis channel, what more can you ask for except of course for a Colts win!!! Well, we all know by now that didn't happen. I am True Blue for sure and if they couldn't win then the Saints were a great team to beat them! Their problems being what they have been for the last 5 years and what can you say about Drew Brees? He is a great quarter back(not the greatest) but still great and what a humanitarian! Wow! Okay, I am not an expert on football or how this play should go or not go, but I just want to say that that onside kick (great call or not), some actual experts are saying that it was great because it worked, had it not worked it would have been a really stupid call for the Saints to make, but I say isn't that what it's all(not just football but life itself) about. Sorry I was side tracked anyway that onside kick really shocked the Colts(and their fans) until they couldn't recover. Some say the coach was simply out coached and some say the Colts were simply not 100% but I actually think that it was a little of everything but that onside kick is what turned the game around! So here's to next season and hoping the Colts are just as great if not greater! Congratulations to the Saints!!

We have had lots of snow! Lilli has posted about over at thebuttonboxgirls !
We have had lots of fun! We played and made snow angels and rolled down the drifts! We had our own hills thanks to the wind!

Since we can't get out we have been cooking and baking! Do I have some pictures for you, but I will post that another day! This post is getting rather long!
Here is just one photo for you! John's birthday was February 8 and this was definitely food for a great celebration!!!
This is Cheesy Cavatelli! There is only one word to describe this wonderful dish! DELICIOUS!!!
We had leftovers and when you open the refrigerator door it actually, we decided, smelled better than any restaurant!!! The recipe came from! I have written about this site before! It's great! Later I will share the other things I have made from there!

With this I am off to bake cookies! There is nothing like hot chocolate and homemade cookies when it is freezing cold out side and you are snowed in! I have actually been in since Sunday which I love! I am a homebody for sure!!!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you are having a wonderfully happy day!

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