Friday, July 10, 2009

A Really Weird Summer.........

I seem to blog when things are sad around here but I'm just sayin this has been one weird summer for my family.....
It all started with Gayle getting sick, thankfully she is so much better! Just as we get her on the road to recovery.......
John got his hand caught in the machine at work. Thank goodness he didn't have a glove on or the guard down he could have lost his whole hand. He cut his right index finger open and to the bone... it has 2 screws sticking out the side of it for now. Anyway, he is at work on light duty, which certainly is a far cry from his regular job......
And then ....
Wednesday my brother and his family lost their home in a house fire. Such a devastating situation. We are all still in a daze. Outside of death I just can't think of anything so horrible as to watch everything you ever had in life go away all at once.
The really good thing out of it all was that no one was hurt. For that we are blessed!
So with a sad heart I ask you all to say a little prayer for my brother and his family!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

PS...When Lilli was born my brother gave me a wonderful picture with 2 great scriptures on it!
I feel it is appropriate for today!

Psalm 146:5
For You, O Lord,
are my Hope...
my trust is in You.
Jeremiah 29:11
I know the plans
I have for you, says the Lord,
to give you a future and a


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Vickie - so sorry to hear that you and your family have had such challenging times lately! Sending lots of thoughts your way. Hope your husbands finger makes a good recovery and your brother copes with such a devastating loss. SOunds like you are in the need for some good news. Take care.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG Vickie. That is just awful. I can not imagine losing my house and everything inside it. I don't even know what to say. Things have to get better for all of you.
I'm glad your husband is ok, sounds like he was very lucky.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Suzanne W. said...

{{{hugs}}} to you & your family Vickie. Hopefully thing will settle down soon for everyone.

glorybe1024 said...

I just read your post about your husband and prayers are going out to all of you.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear all of this! When it rains it pours. The scripture is fitting though I agree! Hope things get better!

Teodolinda said...

Vickie, I'm sorry for John and for your brother!
A big hug.
ciao ciao