Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December 1!!!!

Hi to everyone! Have I ever missed blogging! It has been sometime for me! Since I really blogged last, John and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary! WoW! I am always kidding him about it seeming so long that it feels more like 280 years! He just laughs but I am sure it feels like a forever time, he just doesn't want to admit it! We celebrated Thanksgiving! Which was great! Everyone was there! YAY! Lilli, John, and I(the sound is toooo loud for Gayle) went to see BOLT!!! It was wonderful! I winterized the yard and Lilli helped me put up the Christmas decorations outside! John has been working lots and with the economy like it is he can't turn anything down so this year he missed out on all the outside fun! And finally we took another POLAR EXPRESS TRAIN RIDE! It is another thing Gayle can't do, mostly because of the motion. We will, however, take her shopping once and we will make our annual trip to the zoo! She loves it! All the lights, music, and animals!
So Sunday we went on our train ride! They were forecasting snow but we didn't get much! By the afternoon and our drive down it was gone. All we had was a drizzle. The drive to the train is roughly 50 miles! The old station is wonderful! We go to the White Water Valley Railroad Station in Connersville, IN! The whole train ride is managed by trained volunteers from all over! Last year our engineer was from KY! Each car has two chefs! It is truly a wonderful ride! They also serve us hot chocolate and a cookie! The kids all get a silver bell from Santa! Our punched tickets!
John messing around writing on the windows of our train car! He really is a big kid at heart! He was writing Merry Christmas backwards so you could read it from outside! He did really well until he got to the s and it turned out to be a 3!!!! It was funny! Our train car was made in 1924 and it was a diesel engine! Next September they will go back to the steam engine!

The train ride is approximately 11 miles out of town(to the North Pole) and, of course, about that to get back! Here is a not so great picture of the North Pole! Sorry but the moisture on the windows and the flash was not the best conditions to take pictures in! When we stopped at the North Pole, Santa comes out and gets on the train!
Here is Santa and Lilli!

Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Polar Express ride sounded like heaps of fun!! Enjoy the lead up to Christmas!

debbie said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! We have never done the Polar Express the time i think about it the tickets are sold

teodo said...

Vickie and John
congratulatios for your 28th wedding!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy that your Polar Express was ok..... I like very much the Santa Claus's friend .
It's perhaps Lilly her name?
I also like John who writes on the glass as a child.
ciao ciao a kiss

Carla said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Nothing like that here! LOL Nice pics. Lucky you. Nice gifts from your swap.

glorybe1024 said...

Congratulations on 28 years together!!!

I would so love to do the Polar is our traditional Christmas Eve story even now with my 16yo daughter!

I plan on heading to Winchester proabably after Christmas. I will let you know =)