Monday, October 13, 2008

A new craft guide from Mary and No more painting!! YAY!!

Have you all seen this new magazine by Mary Engelbreit? A Guide to CREATIVE LIVING!
Love it! It has all the sources for the supplies you need in just about every craft imaginable!
It has interviews with the most creative people, like Anna Maria Horner and Joelle Hoverson! The magazine is just a wonderful thing to have! I found my copy at Target!!
We went to Target for a little retail therapy today! The girls had their check ups today and they both had to get shots. Gayle only had to get one but Lilli had to get 4! It is really good we have a close relationship with the doctor because she held Lilli's hand, while Gayle watched, and I hid my eyes. I usually have to leave the room so I have made some progress in this area! Lilli held Gayle's hand and I hid my eyes once again! I am happy to say that the girls did so much better than I did! Everyone was happy that I didn't faint!!! Well after all of that stress we had to shop! Target is my favorite place to take Gayle! The isles are big, the people are nice, even if it is busy Gayle does really well! We bought some necessities and a few fun things! They have the cutest Halloween socks!
That was our Monday!
Wherever you are whatever you are doing I hope you have wonderfully happy day!!!

PS....I was so excited that we finished painting the garage, I forgot to tell ya! We are finished!YAY!!!


Debra said...

I haven't seen that book yet!!! Thanks for sharing. I could sit and look at craft books all day....of course with a good cup of coffee too. :-)

Jessica said...

I love a good new magazine...when I grocery shop I'll have to look for it!

glorybe1024 said...

Retail therapy...I think I may need some at lunch today!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

We love Target too! Always fun to browse. I haven't seen those magazines here - hope they find a new publisher!