Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday was Art!YAY!!! Lilli loves it! They take one subject and study it for the whole semester!!! This time she is studying masks and costumes! I think that will be a lot of fun! Especially the costumes, since she loves to design clothes!!!
Since I have 2 whole hours to myself I thought I would work on something that wasn't finished!
This is my HARDANGER embroidery that I started in 1985, yes that's right, 23 years ago! I couldn't believe I hadn't finished it or even worked on it! See the spider web in the middle and the stem down, that's all I had finished until yesterday!! I have to say, I don't think I will do another project like this one, but it is turning out very pretty! Now I can't wait to finish it!

After Art we made a fast trip to JoAnn's! Not that we needed anything, but we never know when we will get to go back!!! At least that is what we tell John! Sounds good, don't ya think?!!!
Then we came home! We were supposed to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but Lilli has got a terrible sinus infection that she has had medicine for but it was a lot worse by the time we got home, so we didn't go! John and I painted the back of the garage instead! Now that sounds like fun, doesn't it?!!!! I ask for takers the other day, but nobody took me up on it!LOL!
I told him my new hair gel was for my inner Greek Goddess(which until I bought that gel, I didn't know I had one!LOL) and since I used it today, I didn't think the Greek Goddess side of me wanted any part of me to paint!!!! He just laughed! So I painted and I think it was me that was painted instead of the garage!LOL!

It is a beautiful crisp fall Sunday with falling leaves, bright sunshine, and beautiful blue skies!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!

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