Friday, September 5, 2008

Reasons why I didn't post yesterday......the winner is!

Can I just say it has been a long week along with a long weekend?!!!!! First the fun things we did!
The four of us, John, me, Gayle, and Lilli helped my Aunt Trudie and Uncle Jim celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday! Oh what fun! They had lots of guests! Family and friends I remembered from when I was little! Believe it or not I can actually remember a few things from way back then!LOL!
Monday, Lilli and I met my friend from college and her family at Ball State! I haven't seen her since 2003! It was soooo fun! Her son, Jacob is a freshman at BSU! We had supper together and got caught up, tried to get caught up! What a great time we had! Thanks guys for taking the time to meet us!
Now to my reasons for not posting yesterday! I had just sat down at my computer, still in my pjs, I might add, and my mom called to see if I could go get our neighbor lady from the hospital. She went the day before for an iron infusion and ended up getting a blood transfusion! It took 12 plus hours. I said sure I can. Just let me call my mother-in-law! I got Barb, ran in threw on clean clothes, not time for a shower, put on some make-up and grabbed my hat! I said Lilli if you're going with me you gotta be ready before Grandma Barb gets here. So in 10 minutes we were ready and Grandma Barb was here! I don't think Lilli has ever been dressed that fast ever! We went to get our neighbor and brought her home. We got her settled, came home, and then it was time for Lilli to go to lunch with mom, and me to feed Gayle! Then Lilli came home and I was really hungry for something very sweet and chocolate, so we had to bake Double Chocolate Muffins! I will post the recipe later! By this time John was home and said, oh I am going back to work at 3:00am! Well, I said, excuse me, 3:00am meaning you have to leave at 2:15am and we have to get up at 1:45am! He said yes. I am tellin' ya that means we have to go to bed at 8:00pm. There is no time for blogging at this rate! We had to run some errands, eat supper, clean up the kitchen, give Gayle a bath, pack his lunch, and breath a little in less then 5 hours. Good thing I cooked supper in the crock pot! A wonderful invention, that crock pot! Then my dad needed help with his phone and I had to take out the trash for pick-up today! In the mean time, Lilli said mom I don't think I can go to bed that early and go to sleep. I said I know. We decided to have an inside camp out! We could do this as long as John put in his ear plugs, which he did! Thanks, John! We had so much fun! We had baked smores, because the microwave is so loud and played games! We had a blast! So these are my excuses for not blogging yesterday! Sorry!

We do have a winner, even though I am a day late! My mom was able to pick the winner when she dropped Lilli off after their lunch!
I wrote the names in pencil so the name barely shows up, put it's PAM!!!! YAY!!!!
I just e-mailed her, so she knows!
I have lots more to blog, but I will do that later!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderfully happy day!


glorybe1024 said...

I am exhausted after reading your post! How do you do it? Glad to see that everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carla said...

Made me tired also!! Congratulations Pam.

debbie said...

Congratulations Pam!!!! Now i'm off to nap after reading all that!!! Hope you have recovered from all that! :o)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

WOW what a week! The inside camp ot sounded like fun! Happy Birthday to your Mom.

glorybe1024 said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you and your blog an award. Please check out my blog for details.

Make it a marvelous Monday!

God Bless!!!