Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting on with everyday life........

Well, things are still sad around here and I expect it will be for sometime. My aunt and uncle from Florida are still not here. I know that is really gonna be hard. Although she is his step mom, she is my cousin's only living parent. So things are going to even out for a short time and then get worse before they can get better. Thanks for the comments that Randi and Gloria have left! It is very kind.

Anyway, getting on with our lives.... I promised I was gonna post on Monday about a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY, but I am gonna put that off until Monday, August 25! So please be sure to check back! It will be to celebrate both birthdays, Gayle(August 17)and Lilli(August 29)!

Speaking of Gayle's birthday! Gayle turned 27 on Sunday! I can't believe it! It has went so fast! Here is her balloon that Lilli picked out!
Here is Lilli and Gayle! Gayle was so sleepy, but she had a fun time!
We always celebrate just the 4 of us on their day and then in between their birthdays we have a big bash with family and friends!
We had a lots to eat! We had Gayle's favorite!
Mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed peas and baked cubed steak!
And of course, her cake was angel food cake! For one she is an angel to us, two she collects angels and third because of the first two, Lilli is very sure that angel food cake has got to be Gayle's favorite!

So with all of this life does go on slowly but surely.
Love, Vickie


teodo said...

Wonderful the balloon. HUGS .
ciao ciao

randi said...

Happy birthday to your precious girl!

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