Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally the Birthday Party!

Can I just say that time flies when you're having fun?! And how! I was going to do this Monday and here it is Thursday almost Friday. We have had a very quick but sweet visit with my aunt and uncle from Florida. They are due to leave tomorrow morning. The need to beat Hanna home is very much on their minds. They were thinking about 4 days to get there now maybe 3 days. We will miss them but we understand. We are hoping for their save return and that they beat Hanna.
On to the party! It was a huge day, but lots of fun! We decorated with pink, brown and blue! They are very yummy colors together! As you can see we punched flowers and made a vase with stems for our door! When everyone came in they had to sign a flower and then we glued them to the vase or a stem!

It then looked like this! We then have something with everyones name on it to keep!

Aren't these glasses so girlie and vintage? They really looked pink before I filled them lots of chocolates! That's right, chocolate! Chocolate covered raisins(a personal favorite!),
chocolate covered peanuts and malted milk balls! What more can a girl ask for?!

Here is Lilli trying so hard to decorate cupcakes with our bag and decorative icing, but Martha we are not!!!! We need lots of practice! Maybe by my birthday we will have this mastered!

Here is the finished product! Notice the cupcake candle on top! That was from Linda!
Thanks Linda! Everyone loved the candles! They are really cute!

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Sleep tight!


teodo said...

You're party should have been really wonderful!
..but I think you had been working a lot too.
I love the cake made with all the cupcakes!!!
It looks so tasty!
ciao, ciao

glorybe1024 said...

Pink, Brown & Blue...I love it! Glad you had a wonderful day...the cupcakes look yummy!!