Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What day is it........What month is it?!!!!!

Looking for the snow!!! We just don't get enough these days!!

Our Easter Village!!! Thank you so much Aunt Barb!

Well, can you believe it is March 4 already? Where did the last half of February go?
At our house it was spent spring cleaning and getting ready for spring and Easter, yes Easter!
Easter will be here so soon this year! I was afraid I wouldn't have the house decorated so I did it already! I think Easter and St. Patrick's Day go well together, don't you?! Anyway, not only were we spring cleaning we had to get sick, wouldn't you know. Yes, John brought it home from work one day. He tried to give it away. I am afraid I was the only taker! You did know the best way to get rid of something was to give it away!!!! Give away....I said give away!!!!
I am going to have a Give Away! My bloggy friend Sharon is a great give away person! She has the absolute best give aways! Granted mine won't be as great as hers , but I am going to give it my best shot! It will have something fun, something green, and something that Sharon absolutely loves!!! Why something Sharon loves, well because there is a give away thing going on to honor Sharon called Sharon the love! I will post the picture and the details tomorrow! I promise!

Now that we are on the mend! Thank Goodness the girls didn't get sick. John and I didn't even have the same thing. Go figure! I am back to my challenges. An update on my very first attempt at quilting. I thought no matter what, I would love it. Well, I don't know what happened, I suspect a lot of things. Anyway, I don't love it or like it. Lilli does, however, and she wants me to try again! I will try, but I don't know when.
We tried needle felting for the very first time last week and lets just say we love it! Yes, it is great! Lilli loves it! She loves making the buttons! I am hoping everyone gets something needle felted for Easter!!!! Maybe an egg!

Best wishes go out to my BFF, Deanna, I hope you have the quickest of recoveries!
I know you will! As Kacey says, YOU ARE TOUGH!!!! Deanna, I wanted to put one of our fun pictures on here, but the last one I could find that I had was the one with us at the craft show, when John played Santa!!!LOL!!! You are so much better at remembering to take pictures than I am! Darn it!!!

My haiku for today....

Helpful to others
Smiling inside and outside
Happy heart always

Of all things that Lilli learns from me in her life, I hope it is being yourself always!

Have a wonderfully warm and cozy day!!!

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