Monday, December 3, 2007

Thought for Today!

Can you believe it is December 3? I can't! Anyway, Lilli and I went shopping yesterday at Target!
You can't go to Muncie without going to Target!!! Anyway, on sale were these wonderful Hershey's Kisses! Yes, the plain chocolate ones are great but have you all tried those chocolate covered cherry ones? Yummmy! I ate way too many, but that is okay 'cause it's Christmas time,
right?!! Lilli found her favorite peppermint! OMG, these are great too! They are white chocolate with peppermint bits in them! She can't wait to melt hers in hot chocolate!!!

My thought!

One who knows how to show and to
accept kindness will be a friend better
than any possession!


Have A Happy Happy Day!

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