Monday, November 26, 2007

Thought for Today!

To start with this has been a day! First of all, I stayed up way too late, then I got up way too early then I got way too sleepy and thought I needed a nap! A nap! What about a 2 hour nap! That was way too long! So that is why I am posting at 3:35pm!!! I should have posted last night when I was up way too late!

So the day has progressed way too fast without me! Do you ever have that happen to you?
Anyway, it is cold and oh so miserable! Thinking I could get everything outside done, like feed the dog, take out the trash and get the mail before John got home, I dug in! Well, my first task was to feed the dog and change his water bowl to the electric one so it doesn't freeze. I go out and change them then I go plug it in and start to put water in it! Just as I start the water, the dog takes the bowl and whirls it through the air! I have to drag back through the house, through the garage, through the sewing room, and finally out to the dog! The dog is more than ready to play! This is all after I gave him his food! Why isn't he eating? Who knows? He is a Great Pyrenees and weighs about 140lbs! I seem to be the only one he jumps on! I don't know what makes him do this! I finally get him down and as I turn to get his bowl he makes a dash for the sewing room!!! Oh, what fun! Anyway, it took Lilli and I both to get him out, but not before he got mud all over everything! How fun is that?! And it still smells of dog in here! YUK!
John has missed the fun for today! The trash did get taken out, but the mail has not been here yet! Just when you think you have everything planned out to the last second!

My thought!

"Joy is the feeling of grinning inside."

Dr. Melba Colgrove

I love this and as soon as I get my pjs on I will be grinning inside and out!
Have a wonderful evening!!

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sharon said...

You need to try our baby powder for a fresh smelling doggy. LOL