Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yep, this is us! 2sistersandme!!!! We started this blog so we could keep a daily, haha!, more like a monthly journal of our lives! We want to post more often than every month, but you know how everyday life gets in the way!!!

We hope to post about our stuff that we love to make and the stuff we love to collect, all of which is way toooo much! What can I say?! If you could only see my sewing room, the dining room table and the garage!!! You would also think toooo much stuff!!!!

We have an etsy shop and we belong to the INCrowd! The INCrowd is a bunch of artisans from the state of Indiana that support and encourage each other!! We just joined, but we are hoping to be a blessing to the team!!!

You all have a great day!
Keep creating and collecting!

PS-I have Indiana Etsy's blog listed! If you want to visit there, you will find a list of great Indiana artisans! You can visit their Etsy shops from there! Go ahead! Take a Peek!!!


Suzanne W. said...

I love the picture! Glad you're joining us in the Incrowd!

Vickie said...
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